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Baobab Collection
My First Baobab Women Candle

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My First Baobab Women Candle

AED 262.5 includes all taxes
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Elegant in both design and scent, this Baobab candle features a fragrance of delicate musk, magnolia and rose. It sits in a glass holder with a graphic, powder pink print and gold detailing.

Product ID 215298044 / BEA215297491

Baobab Collection have become widely recognised for their distinct and iconic designs. A true piece of art that will fit within any interior design. Offering a selection of beautifully crafted Baobab candles and diffusers, the brand pays homage to the captivating landscape of Tanzania whilst celebrating European craftsmanship. The Belgian brand places value upon these local skills, sourcing raw materials with the utmost care. With mineral wax sourced from Germany, the glass from Poland, leather from Italy and scents produced in France, you will be entwined within true European excellence with a product from Baobab. Committed to high-quality, each candle is hand-poured into vases blown by skilled glassworkers, ensuring a unique and extraordinary product every time. With each collection influenced by distant lands, wild nature and exotic oceans, the head designers release two limited edition collections every year, creating a sense of wonder and excitement. These exclusive fragrances draw inspiration from across the world, transporting you to new places and creating the ultimate sensory experience. Find your next statement piece with Baobab Collection.

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To ensure the longevity of your candle, always burn until the surface is entirely liquid. Trim the new wick on your candle before use to lengthen burn time. Trimming your wick before each subsequent use to 1/8in while cold will also reduce the amount of soot emitted by the candle while burning.