Large Ceramic Vase
Large Ceramic Vase

Large Ceramic Vase

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Set your floral arrangements off to perfection with this stunning vase by Bloomr

With its contemporary silhouette and contrasting color block and striped pattern, it will look at home on any counter or table. 

Product ID 214938219 / HOM214938208

Bloomr was founded in 2015 by Zozo, a florist and interior enthusiast born in Sweden and his wife Leah, e-commerce and branding specialist. While working as a florist, Zozo saw the challenges people faced in caring for fresh-cut flowers, as well as the disappointment when throwing them away. But knowing the emptiness of a space without flowers or plants, in 2006 he began working exclusively with faux florals and plants. The simplicity, minimalism, and functionality of Bloomr Dubai products come from Zoso’s scandinavian background. The flowers and plants closely mimic the natural hues and structural components of their living counterparts and are always made with the highest quality materials. All Bloomr home products follow simple rules: quality is everything and rules don’t exist in interior design, only feelings. Bloomr UAE offers home decor and faux florals that are hard to distinguish between real and fake because not only do they look like live plants, but they feel exactly like them too. You will never go wrong when choosing a Bloomr luxury product, made with the highest quality materials and bringing long-lasting life to your interiors.

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