Camilla clothing first debuted at Australian Fashion Week back in 2004, showcasing their unique prints and bold aesthetic. Founder Camilla Franks is celebrated worldwide for her intricate designs inspired by her travels and elevated by her fantastic imagination. Her prints, instantly recognizable, are now found across 55 countries worldwide. Influenced by her global travels, Camilla embodies an immersive experience where textures, colors and shapes are celebrated. Through trekking across the world, seeking new experiences and connecting with communities, Camilla has found an enchanting way of marrying these adventures into each and every garment. Each print is hand-drawn and painted by Camilla’s in-house artists, ensuring that passion and care is embellished throughout every idea that is brought to life. Each collection has a thorough design process, with a team of 47 people spread across two countries, Camilla UAE garments are crafted by a selection of devoted artists who come together to bring to life each new print.