Donna Karan, a pioneer. A woman designing for women. Modern women—forward-thinking, confident, and self-assured—succeed in the world, while pulling off the balancing act of life. Responding and reacting to real needs—needs she knew because they were also her own, DKNY designer wear launched Seven Easy Pieces with her first collection in 1984—and revolutionized the way women dress. Karan intuitively understood the need and desires of modern women, designing collections that could take them from day to evening and simplifying life, without sacrificing elegance or sensuality, an essential for DKNY UAE. More than 30 years later, DKNY clothing is one of the most iconic names in American fashion. The iconic silhouettes and innovative system of dressing remain as relevant as ever, now reimagined in a modern-day Donna Karan New York and the next-generation counterpart, DKNY. Shop DKNY UAE online to simplify the busy lifestyle, outfit planning made simple.