Foreo Beauty

Foreo has revolutionized the beauty-tech industry with its ground-breaking products that make your skincare routine more effective and effortless while saving you time. They also deliver spa-like results in the comfort of your home and are powered with exceptional battery life, lasting a full year on a single charge. The LUNA Facial Cleansing Brush was the Swedish brand’s first launch, it successfully positioned Foreo as a pioneer in the beauty space. Use it with the Micro Foam Cleanser to remove 99.5% impurities from your face as the first step of your routine. Then, slather on the Coconut Oil Mask and pick up the UFO Power Mask Treatment Device to get the most out of the mask’s potent ingredients. Finally, lift your skin with the BEAR Facial Toning Device to diminish fine lines and wrinkles. Our UAE edit below also features minis to slip into your purse for on-the-go beauty pick-me-ups.