Wildflower King Pillowcase
Wildflower King Pillowcase

Wildflower King Pillowcase

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The Wildflower King Pillowcase from Slip™ is made from slipsilk™, a custom created silk that has been developed and refined since 2004 for maximum shine, thickness and durability. This pillowcase is ideal for those looking to upgrade their sleep routine. This style is a limited edition.

  • King Size 20in x 36in / 51cm x 91cm
Product ID 215358232 / BEA215358228

Slip is the ultimate skin and haircare savior. Developed from specially commissioned silk, Slip pride themselves on their top quality materials that have been developed and refined over the course of ten years to ensure the most extensive results. Founder Fiona Stewart established the Slip brand in 2003, after dealing with unmanageable acne and discovering the magic of a silk pillowcase. Their exclusive silk materials have resulted in transformative results. Since silk is far less porous than cotton, your skin absorbs much less moisture expelled from your hair, thus locking in more moisture to your locks. It’s a win win. Both your skin and hair are said to benefit from Slip’s silk products. After their popularity skyrocketed, they have now expanded from pillowcases to sleep masks, face coverings and scrunchies to bring luxurious benefits to your everyday routines. As the winner of over 50 prestigious beauty awards, it’s no surprise Slip has celebrity fans from Kourtney Kardashian, Hailey Bieber and Jessica Alba. Shop the Slip UAE range at Bloomingdale's to find your new skincare savior.

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  • pH neutral liquid detergent (we recommend slip™ gentle silk wash)
  • machine wash delicate 30°C (86°F) (delicates wash bag)
  • hand wash 30°C (86°F)
  • dry clean
  • no trichloroethylene
  • iron low heat
  • steam or dry
  • do not bleach
  • do not tumble dry

Traditionally, silk is hand washed and dry clean only. Ours is of the highest quality so they are machine washable, but they are still silk and need as much care as we can give them.

ALWAYS use a ph neutral liquid detergent and/or fabric softener. Silk is a natural fiber and washing in a solution that’s too acidic or alkaline can cause the silk to harden in a single wash. If you can't find a detergent that specifies ph level then just go for one that specifies silk. Do not use bleach products.

Another important factor is water temperature. Even just slightly above 30 degrees Centigrade or 85 degrees Fahrenheit can change silk dramatically. The safest method if your machine doesn't specify exact heat settings is either cold or just one level above cold.

A delicates bag is optional, depending on your washing machine and whether or not it tends to grab items and tear them.  

If you wish to maximize the life of your pillowcase, hand washing is the ultimate method.

The gentler you wash your slip pillow case, the longer it will keep its sheen. The shinier it is, the better it will 'slip', which is one of the benefits of its health and beauty qualities.

The same goes for drying your pillowcase, do not place it in a tumble dryer.

In other words, the better you care for your slip pillowcase, the better it will care for you.

Materials & Product Care
Outer Composition:6A Long Fibre Mulberry Silk
Washing Instructions:Machine wash using pH neutral liquid detergent