Aerin Beauty

Lead an effortlessly beautiful life with Aerin beauty collection. Inspired by the style of its founder Aerin Lauder, the luxury label creates classic fragrances with a modern outlook. In its fragrance family, you’ll find perfumes that are Fresh Florals, Textured Florals and those that have Refined Warmth. Packaged in beautiful glass bottles with gold accents, you’ll find fragrances that are based on rose and peony; jasmine and tuberose; bergamot and mandarin and amber and woods in its collection. One of the bestselling fragrance is the Mediterranean Honeysuckle that takes you to the sun-drenched, azure-blue coasts of South Europe with notes of grapefruit, bergamot, mandarin and Lily of the Valley. Amber Musk is another lovely fragrance that is loved by the founder herself. It has notes of sandalwood, rose, benzoin and coconut water to create a warm, sensual perfume. Explore our UAE edit below to discover more from the American brand.