Customer Service Price Promise

At Bloomingdale’s we are committed to offering you the best price possible, so if you find the same item online, priced for less with one of our competitors*, we will refund you the difference with a coupon code.

  • We only price match with identical items. Variations such as brand, colour, size and style are not accepted.
  • The item must be full price (discounted, promotional, outlet, second hand and sale items are all excluded).
  • The item must be in-stock on a registered competitor* website at the time you claim.
  • The price must be in the same currency - i.e. AED/SAR/OMR/KWD/BHD/QAR. If your item is not set to one of those currencies, then we will price match to the following currencies, using the following exchange rates**:
1 USD 3.67 3.75 0.39 0.30 0.38 3.65
GBP 4.85 4.95 0.51 0.40 0.50 4.88
EUR 4.17 4.26 0.44 0.34 0.43 4.15
**Please note that the above exchange rates may be updated from time to time to reflect exchange rate fluctuations, so please check the posted rate on the day you submit your claim.
  • We will price match an item once it has first been purchased and delivered from Bloomingdale's. The item you wish to price match must be claimed within 30 days of your original order date. The price match application cannot be processed prior to the item having been delivered.
  • The item you wish to price match must be set to the same country on both the Bloomingdale's and competitor’s website. The relevant item on the competitor's website must also reflect the same shipping options as Bloomingdale's (delivery country within the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait only .
  • Our Price Match is not on the total order value but the value of the selected item only. The item must also be listed in the competitor's shopping cart with the matching shipping destination.
  • If you wish to price match an item before you purchase it, contact our customer support team and they can create a unique coupon with the price difference and you can claim it on a price matched item.
  1. Ensure you have set up a Bloomingdale's account, if you haven’t already you can do so here
  2. Contact our customer care support team by email, phone or using the online form, with a valid link to both the Bloomingdale’s item and the item and the competitor's item you would like us to price match.
  3. Once our Customer Care team has agreed that your claim fits the above outlined criteria, you will receive a coupon code with the difference in the matched price. The coupon code will be applicable on all items with no exclusions or expiry if you claimed a price match after purchase If you requested the price match before your purchase and delivery you will receive a coupon for the item you wish to price match only

If the item you purchase goes on sale within 5 days of your purchase, your item still qualifies for the discounted price. The item must be in the same size and color that was purchased. The difference between the purchase price and the sale price will be provided through a coupon code with no exclusions or expiry. Sale items with further reductions do not qualify for price difference. To claim the discount, contact customer support at +97144223000.

Once an item has qualified for price match or the price difference has been provided, the item will no longer be eligible for return.

*Any registered website which has a luxury brand and product collection that we believe to be comparable to the brand and product collection offered by us. For the avoidance of doubt, discount, liquidation, auction, outlet sites or websites that are undergoing closing down sales are not considered to be competitors. For further information or if you have any queries, please contact our customer support team.