Sofas & Armchairs

After a long day at work or returning from an exhausting trip, there is nothing more comfortable than lounging on the sofa or armchair at your home. And, the designer pieces available in our UAE collection will elevate your living space while keeping all the coziness and comfort. For the large areas, you can curate an entertaining space with your choice of couches and chairs to host parties or get togethers. According to the latest trends, curved pieces are dominating the scene as a nod to the emergence of ‘60s and ‘70s influence. Eichholtz’s Novelle Swivel Armchair and Adriana Hoyos Gem Armchair are stylish ways to incorporate this into your house. If your style is more classic and timeless, look at Caracole, Bernhardt and Studio Bayt pieces that have a neutral color palette and monochromatic accents for a polished look. The online store also includes four-seater and three-seater sofas for the reception area or master bedrooms. Get inspired by browsing through our collection below.