In 1978 James Dyson, disappointed with the diminishing suction of his own vacuum cleaner, took it apart and started to wonder whether a technology used in industrial cyclone towers, could work in a vacuum cleaner, separating particles from the air with centrifugal force. Five years later he created the first bagless vacuum cleaner and sold it in Japan, managing to raise the money to open his own company in 1991, continually working on new innovations, trying to make a vacuum that would maintain 100% of suction all the time. At which he has succeeded couple years later. That was the origin of Dyson Ltd., that is now, present in over 65 countries all over the world including Dyson in UAE. Making not only vacuum cleaners, but also fans, heaters and products for hair care like dryers and straighteners, Dyson products are not only functional, but also feature elegant designs. Constantly developing, the Dyson brand delivers amazing technology for everyday use.
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