Jacquemus is a young, but already renowned brand. Its founder - Simon Porte Jacquemus unveiled his first collection in 2009 at a very young age of 21. The collection was very minimalistic and simple, due to limited financing he had. But that didn't stop it from being a success. He was noticed by Rei Kawakubo a co-founder and designer of Comme des Garçons and he got a job in one of their boutiques in Paris. The big break happened for the Jacquemus brand in 2013 after his first official collection La piscine, thanks to that it became the ‘it’ brand that it still is today. Jacquemus cares not only about the clothes but the philosophy behind them. Simon is a determined and strong-willed and you can see it in his designs. His clothes are innovative and playful, but elegant, they meant to tell stories. With vibrant colors, expressive, exaggerated shapes and brilliant accessories that took over the fashion scene.