Gucci Beauty

Take your vanity and makeup routine to Gucci Beauty’s vintage-inspired wonderland. Packaged with the old-world charm of gilded hardware and nostalgic floral patterns, each product will help you achieve that old Hollywood glamor. While the beautiful retro-themed beauty cases will draw you in, it's their modern-day formulations that will make you stay. Highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes, creamy blushes, bright lipsticks, intoxicating perfumes and more come together to make the Gucci Beauty range coveted by makeup lovers around the world. Must-haves for ladies include Rouge A Levres Mat lipstick, Mascara L’Obscur and Gucci Flora Gardenia Parfum (endorsed and loved by pop star Miley Cyrus). Men too can join in the hype with Gucci Guilty perfume. Scroll away to discover the UAE edit of picture-perfect products to level up your beauty game.