Customer Care Payment Options
About Tabby Tabby empowers you with the flexibility and freedom to choose how and when to pay for the things you love. tabby lets you to shop now, pay later and earn cash – without the interest, fees or debt traps.

Tabby is permitted by Saudi Central Bank, Shari’ah-compliant and PCI DSS certified. Learn more about tabby.

For more information visit tabby's help center to find out more.

Payments in Saudi Arabia and UAE When you use Visa and Mastercard cards to shop with tabby, your payments are automatically charged based on a payment schedule shown at the time of purchase. Once you’ve successfully made a purchase with tabby, you will receive an email with your payment schedule for your reference. We’ll also send you reminders of upcoming payments. When you use MADA cards to shop with tabby, payments are not automatically charged and you will be required to login to pay. You’ll receive emails and SMS reminders about upcoming due payments.

My order is not delivered You would need to contact the store where you purchased your items since we do not have any influence over the delivery.

If you could not get in touch with the retailer then please contact us and we will be happy to assist you. Once you've informed us, we'll adjust your account to ensure that you won't need to make payment until the issue is resolved.

I received an error when trying to make payment. What should I do? Here’s what we recommend you to try to make a successful payment:

  • Make sure that you have sufficient funds
  • Make sure that you entered all card information correctly
  • Try again with another card or Apple Pay
Why was my purchase not approved by Tabby? Tabby does not approve 100% of all orders as we are committed to supporting responsible shopping habits. We understand that it can be frustrating to be declined for purchase after being approved in the past. tabby uses different factors to determine whether orders are approved and your spending limit may vary based on the store where you are shopping. Our Customer Service team is not able to change the automated outcome of the approval decision.

Tabby customer support In case customers have questions or inquiries relating to tabby, please feel ask them to reach out to, and share the link to our customer help page with them (

( for any FAQs a customer may have regarding tabby.

How do I make a payment? The quickest and easiest way is to make payments and check the status of your payments online and in our app.

Does Tabby protect my personal information? Your privacy and security are very important to us, and our solution is designed to prevent unauthorized use and protect your personal information. We use security measures including computer safeguards and secured files. We also maintain other physical, electronic and procedural safeguards to protect your information and we limit access to sensitive information to those employees for whom access is appropriate.

Accepted payment methods Tabby currently accepts all major debit and credit cards (Mastercard, Visa, MADA in Saudi Arabia, KNET in Kuwait and Benefit in Bahrain). Prepaid cards are not accepted. Tabby accepts Apple Pay in KSA.

What’s my credit limit and how much can I spend with Tabby? There is no set limit for how many purchases you can place using tabby. However, the approval decision when shopping with tabby can depend on the following:

  • Your payment history with tabby
  • Your remaining balance and unpaid orders with tabby
  • The purchase amount of your shopping basket
  • Other factors to determine approvals which we’re unable to reveal due to security reasons
- 4 interest-free payments is available for orders between 200 AED and 10,000 AED in UAE , 20 KWD and 822KWD in Kuwait, and in Saudi Arabia between 200 SAR and 5,000 SAR.

As PayPal does not support AED, all transactions completed through PayPal will be charged in USD. Due to this currency conversion, an additional charge will be added when completing your PayPal payment. Orders completed through PayPal will be redirected to a PayPal page.

We currently accept the following payment methods for Orders placed on our Website: Visa; Mastercard; American Express; PayPal; Apple Pay and, where available, cash on delivery. A Bloomingdale’s gift card, store credit and Amber points can also be used to make online purchases. The use of Amber points is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the Amber Programme available here.

We also offer Buy Now, Pay Later (a payment in instalments option) via a third party provider ("Delayed Payment Provider") on Orders that meet any minimum or maximum order values specified by the Delayed Payment Provider and subject to you meeting their eligibility criteria and entering into a contract with the Delayed Payment Provider.

Payment will be taken at the time you place your Order save for cash on delivery (where available). By entering payment details onto our Website, you warrant that you are duly authorized to pay using those details. We reserve the right to decline Orders without liability to you where we believe payments are not authorized, the payment method is not valid or where we do not think you are authorized to use or utilize the relevant payment method.

Please note that where cash on delivery is available, there may be a limit on the value of the Order. Cash on delivery is permitted for Orders of up to 10,000 AED.

Bloomingdale’s provides all possible payment options for our customer's convenience. For certain payment methods we may request additional personal documents, such as a passport copy or ID card with photo, in order to confirm your Order. For payments made via a Delayed Payment Provider you may be asked to provide additional personal documents and be subject to credit checks. This is required to verify the identity of the buyer and protect the cardholder against any possibility of fraudulent payments. Bloomingdale’s reserves the right to suspend or terminate the payment options available on your account and refuse any and all current or future use of the payment options available on the Website (or any portion thereof) if it suspects there is fraudulent or suspicious activity. We are not liable or bound to inform or send specific communication to the user regarding the changes to your payment options on the Website (or any portion thereof). It is the customer’s responsibility to get in touch with us in order to get the payment options reactivated.