Agua By Agua Bendita

Agua by Agua Bendita is the sister label established by the same founders Mariana Hinestroza and Catalina Alvarez. The parent brand was founded in 2003 when the best friends duo handcrafts swimsuits using leftover fabrics from a local company and their grandmother’s sewing machines. Over two decades, Agua Bendita has a team of local female artisans that embroider the unique designs that the brand is known for. The same spirit is seen in Agua by Agua Bendita, it was launched in 2018 to tell Latin America’s rich story through environmentally conscious pieces. In its collection, you’ll find handmade prints illustrating the homeland’s biodiversity and artisanal designs on flattering silhouettes. Shop our UAE edit for bikinis, tops, blouses, dresses and skirts that’ll bring the allure of Columbia into your wardrobe.
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