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Amouage Perfume

Embark on a journey of olfactory discovery with Amouage, a luxury fragrance house renowned for its exquisite blends and rich heritage. Inspired by the ancient trade routes of the Middle East, Amouage perfumes are crafted with the finest, ethically sourced ingredients, transforming everyday fragrance into an olfactive masterpiece. For the discerning gentleman, explore Interlude Man Eau de Parfum, a captivating woody oriental fragrance where smoky incense mingles with earthy leather and refreshing citrus notes. For women who desire timeless elegance, Gold Woman offers a luxurious tapestry of opulent florals like rose and jasmine and Dia 40 Extrait embodies audacious femininity with powerful floral chypre. And for those who crave an unforgettable adventure, Epic Woman captures the essence of the legendary Silk Road journey in a bottle. Let Amouage fragrances take you on an olfactory journey that transport you to another world. Explore our curated Dubai collection and discover your signature fragrance.