Boucheron Beauty

French high-jeweller, Boucheron branched out to the world of fragrances in 1988 with a women’s perfume inspired by the iconic ring of the Maison. Since then the luxury house has created several indulgent perfumes for men and women that continue its legacy. Quatra Iconic Eau de Parfum, available in the UAE edit below, is the elevated version of the original fragrance. Ideal for day or eveningwear, the fragrance is created using sweet citrus top notes, a musky wood base and tuberose at the heart of its aroma. The gleaming yellow concoction is poured into a glass bottle, topped with a decorative lid inspired by the Quatre jewellery line. Ladies and gents can also spritz the Bouch Quatre Femme and Bouch Quatre Homme perfumes respectively to get the most out of the range. Our Bloomingdale’s online store also plays home to floral and woody fragrances from the brand. The Rose d’lsparata and Iris De Syracuse are delicate flower-based parfums. While the Feve Tonka De Canaima and Cuir de Venise perfumes disperse woody notes. Explore them further below and pick your favorite or two to gift or add to your collection.