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Boucheron Necklaces

Boucheron necklaces, like other precious jewelry by the French brand, are known for their impeccable craftsmanship and innovation. These luxury designer jewels have graced the necks of Hollywood’s leading ladies and British Royals namely Kate Middleton, Lily James, Salma Hayek and Sarah Paulson at the biggest social events and award shows. The iconic Serpent range is inspired by a snake, featuring gold, diamonds and colored stones to create a stylized representation of a snake’s head and body. It symbolizes seduction, protection and eternity. Inspired by the architecture of Paris, the Quatre range features four different motifs representing the four facets of the Maison: the Grosgrain, the Clou de Paris, the Double Godron and the Diamond line. Express yourself and your style with the luxurious pieces available at our UAE edit below.