Cartier Fragrance

Cartier Men's Fragrance

Cartier Men’s Fragrances are exclusive and luxurious perfumes that bottle the legendary heritage and craftsmanship of the brand through high-quality ingredients and traditional perfumery techniques. The Pasha de Cartier is one of the brand’s iconic fragrances. It is inspired by the design of the Pasha watch, featuring a silver cap and blue cabochon. Termed as a classic scent in the fragrance world, it carries rich and woody scents of lavender, amber and patchouli. Its fresh and spicy counterpart is the Declaration Eau de Parfum that is made from bergamot, vetiver, cardamom and cedarwood. The UAE edit also features L’Envol which is a modern fragrance distinguished from its airy and sweet scent. Shop the Cartier fragrances below or opt for the gift set for special occasions.