Persée Paris

Persee is a contemporary jewelry brand founded by designer Nawal Laoui in 2017. The label’s name has dual meaning, one that of King Perseus and second, a rare and unique technique from Japan. Laoui aims to free diamonds and other precious stones by piercing them with a delicate ring instead of mounting on gold-encircled supports and other traditional setting methods. This will allow the stones to sparkle on a woman’s skin like the golden rain that fell on Danae, Perseus’ mother. With such poetic inspiration, the Parisian brand creates earrings, necklaces, rings and bracelets that are elegant and graceful. Persee’s focus on lightness, sober lines and minimalism will showcase the gemstones in their purest beauty as they levitate gently on your skin. View the jeweler's latest creations in our UAE edit below.
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