Gucci Men’s Clothing

Gucci Coats & Jackets for Men

Living in the predominately hot Middle Eastern climate doesn’t mean you can’t layer like a pro with Gucci Coats and Jackets. Whether you are enjoying a short winter season in the sandpit or traveling to colder regions, there is something for everyone. Former creative director Alessandro Michelle worked with the label’s archival prints and motifs to present them in a modern yet classic way, as seen in our UAE collection below. Sweatshirts, vests, and coats are designed with striking GG logos, equestrian prints and three-stripe patterns for timeless looks that pack a punch. To expand your outerwear collection, reversible denim jackets, hoodies and bombers will be a failproof investment. While the Jumbo GG canvas jacket and GG Pattern Sweatshirt will grab eyeballs in every room you walk into. Explore your range below to take your pick.