Gucci Women

Gucci Women’s Accessories

Add a flamboyant charm to your outfits with Gucci accessories for women. Monogram plaques, floral prints and archival patterns are used to design belts, scarves, wallets and more to pay homage to the brand’s rich Italian heritage. Jewel junkies will adore Gucci’s Fashion Jewelry collection which features GG rings, leather bracelets, bee earrings and lion head necklaces to drip you with pearls, gems and precious metals. For those who love to decorate their hair instead, explore a curated range of crystal hair combs, slides, bedazzled headbands and clips to jump on the bandwagon of trends. Want to shade your eyes from the sun while still looking stylish? Add Gucci Sunglasses to your collection. Our UAE collection features a variety of frames to choose from, think cat eye, oversized, embellished glasses and everything in between.