The story of Magnanni is one of family traditions and the delicate craft of shoemaking that the Blancos have mastered. In a small Spanish town called Almansa, the company started in 1954 under the leadership of Sebastian Blanco. His son Pascual took over at the tender age of 20 due to his passion and enthusiasm towards the craft. His precise nature and the satisfaction of turning a sketch into a gentleman’s favorite pair of shoes led him to a line of shoes more elegant and luxurious than ever before. The company was rebranded as Magnanni under his direction. Today his six children continue the legacy of handmade luxury shoes by adding new details. Miguel and Luis Blanco’s combined efforts led to the individual appearance of the shoes. Each hand painted stroke of every shoe is subtly different leaving no two pairs to be identically the same. The duo also created the iconic Artesano Stitch that links the sole and upper using double-needle threading that is never replicated. Expand your footwear collection with Magnanni’s classic designs in boots, loafers, shoes, and sneakers.
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