Thomas Kosmala

Thomas Kosmala is a French perfume brand that challenges the status quo. The namesake perfumer arrived in Paris to study the art of classical perfumery and discovered the emotive potency of blending raw perfume materials into new combinations. His creations blend these high-quality materials with innovative ingredients to make the brand’s popular fragrances, like the Seve Nouvelle and Crepuscule Ardent. These are inspired by his travels, from the East End of London to the shores of Bali. For instance, Tonic Blanc Eau de Parfum will recall the simple joys of walking through the streets of the south of France wearing linen. The UAE edit features the perfume house’s best-selling perfumes, including Musk Otone, Light of Grace, and Arabian Passion from its Middle East collection. Wear these cruelty-free pieces of art to express the modern, edgy, and positive narrative of your lifestyle.
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