Carolina Herrera

Carolina Herrera Beauty

Venezuelan designer and mogul, Carolina Herrera’s beauty range has an impressive 175 perfumes for both men and women. For our UAE edit, we handpicked some of the most iconic ones and people’s favourites that will add intricacy and elegance to your fragrance collection. Based on Herrera’s design philosophy, each scent is designed to make you feel confident, modern and beautiful. The ever-popular Good Girl Eau de Parfum comes in a sensuous stiletto-shaped bottle with a medley of oriental notes. On the other hand, the 212 Eau de Parfum is a golden cylinder that is travel-friendly and perfect for everyday wear. When talking about signature perfumes, one cannot forget the Bad Boy Le Parfum for men and Stallion Leather Eau de Parfum (exclusively available at Bloomingdale’s). Both of them have hints of leather and are musky and masculine.