Culti Beauty

Culti home fragrances create a welcoming and familiar atmosphere in your home that is unique to you and your memories. Its signature diffusers discreetly and pleasantly disperse scent to create an ambiance that accompanies your daily life. Presented in soft and slender milk bottle-shaped flacons, it enriches your living space with its extraordinarily simple olfactory notes while blending in perfectly with your interiors. Fragrances from the Stile collection are elegant and effortless, inspired by the Mediterranean, Mountains, and the sea (Stile Maremineral Diffuser) to name a few. These create a beautiful base for everyday life. Punctuate them with citrusy, fruity, or floral notes from the Pastel collection’s scented candles or Classic Room Sprays at strategic points to create small centers of olfactory attention. Below, we have handpicked our favorites for the UAE edit to make fragrance an integral aspect of your day-to-day living.