Ginger Lime Decorative Candle

Ginger Lime Decorative Candle

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This Dr. Vranjes Ginger Lime Decorative Candle creates a relaxed ambience in any room of the home. Presented in a handblown glass vessel, the zesty and fresh notes of ginger and green lemon unite the gorgeous purity of pearl to provide a luxurious scent to add irresistible charm and beauty.

Product ID 214369613 / BEA214369605

You’ll never want to leave your house if Dr. Vranjes has anything to do with it! The luxury home fragrance brand adds warmth to any space; their fine fragrances evoke memories and a sense of serenity which can sometimes be sparse in our busy lives. The brand continues to inspire through their innovative products and alluring aromas.

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- Before lighting, the candle should be placed in a vertical position on a flat, horizontal and heat-resistant surface.

- Do not place the candle on polished, painted or varnished surfaces, on electrical equipment, or near or over heat sources.

- Do not place the candle near drafts.

- Before lighting the candle, cut the wick leaving at least a 1.5 cm. length. From the second lighting, cut slightly the wick, leaving a 1.5 cm length.

- Don’t burn on or near anything that can catch fire.

- Always put out the flame when leaving the room. To extinguish the candle use a candle accessory such as a snuffer or a candle extinguisher.

Fragrance Notes:Green Lemon, Ginger, White Pepper