A brand driven by design, style and substance, Dunhill is a British luxury goods brand specializing in ready-to-wear, bespoke menswear, leather goods and accessories. Originally dominating the motor industry, the Dunhill brand began offering a range of luxury products in the late 1970s and became widely recognized for their high-quality garments and accessories, with more than 20 stores worldwide. Priding themselves on the excellence of their leather and craftsmanship, they own their own leather workshops in London and Italy, upholding the tradition of the Dunhill craft. Engineered with purpose, Dunhill has recently been elevated by Mark Weston’s creative direction and received recognition for his fresh and directional approach. Following his role as vice president of menswear at Burberry, Weston has instilled a new, classic look whilst respecting the Dunhill heritage. Shop Dunhill UAE at Bloomingdale's to find unique, luxurious styles and elegantly constructed pieces.
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