Hunza G

Formerly known as Hunza, the London-based brand was a '90s cult brand that was loved by celebrities such as Julia Roberts. It was relaunched in 2015 under the creative direction of Georgiana Huddart under the brand name Hunza G to commemorate the new leadership. The swimwear label is known for its signature crinkle-stretch fabrication and high-cut leggy designs. Today, the ready-to-wear designs reflect the same ‘80s roots that bring a cool and contemporary twist to beachwear. The dresses, swimsuits and bikinis seen in our Dubai edit follow Hunza G’s one size fit mantra. It not only highlights the label’s inclusivity but also reduces the risk of over-purchased sizing on the sustainability front. Every piece is crafted to see you through life and all that it brings. Explore the online store below.
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