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Marli Earrings

Marli New York launched in 2014 on the ideals of timeless presence and individuality. Reflecting the magnetic energy of its birthplace New York, the earrings just like the brand’s other fine jewelry pieces are inspired by amazing women living in the city. You’ll notice minimal designs brought to life by touches of vivid color from exquisite gemstones. Cleo by Marli is one of the popular collections by the jeweler which evokes Cleopatra’s heritage, elegance and courage through an array of bold earring options in 18k gold, featuring the signature pyramids. The Tip-Top range expands the label’s contemporary line further with its carefree style and unrivaled silhouettes. Whereas the Avenues continues the New York City narrative by highlighting the bright lights of the metropolis using brilliant-cut diamonds. Join the ever-expanding brand fanbase of fashion editors and celebrities by adding Marli New York pieces to your collection today.