Marli Fine Jewelry

Marli Bracelets

Marli bracelets are for modern and accomplished women who want to express themselves through accessories. Creative director Maral Artinian designs bold and expressive pieces that are effortless to wear day and night. Their fluid lines, perfect material vocabulary, and flawless reflective qualities distinguish them from the crowd. These fine jewelry pieces are handcrafted in 18k gold with brilliant-cut diamonds and a hint of vivid color from precious stones. The UAE edit below features the popular Cleo collection, which takes inspiration from the legendary Cleopatra. Cleo Bangles and Bracelets are an empowering choice that evokes her heritage, courage, and elegance. Other collections in the online store are UNII, unisex bracelets that symbolize boldness of spirit; Tip-top, whose carefree pieces challenge tradition and Avenues, a range that embodies the passion of New York City and the women who live in it.