Boucheron Fine Jewelry

Boucheron Rings for Women

Boucheron rings represent your exquisite taste in high jewelry. The French company has been the master of its craft for more than a century. Its unforgettably unique designs have been worn by Queen Elizabeth, the Russian Imperial family, and the Maharaja of Patiala. The Maison’s unparalleled expertise and innovation make the iconic rings from the Quatre, Serpent Boheme, and Plume De Paon collections. They reveal the personality of those who wear them. The Quatra rings take inspiration from Paris cobblestones and feature four bands made from yellow, pink, white gold, and brown PVD. It is a modern classic. The Serpent Boheme collection, on the other hand, showcases the brand’s bold and free-spirited style. Rings in this range have an iconic teardrop shape and carvings similar to a snake’s scales. And the Plume De Paon rings take inspiration from India’s national birth — the peacock. Explore the UAE edit below.