Rosso Nobile Decorative Candle

Rosso Nobile Decorative Candle

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This Dr. Vranjes Rosso Nobile Decorative Candle is designed to lift the mood, ease feelings of tension and boost wellbeing. Its delicate fruity fragrance has sweet, heady notes inspired by fine Tuscan wines.

Product ID 214369615 / BEA214369607

You’ll never want to leave your house if Dr. Vranjes has anything to do with it! The luxury home fragrance brand adds warmth to any space; their fine fragrances evoke memories and a sense of serenity which can sometimes be sparse in our busy lives. The brand continues to inspire through their innovative products and alluring aromas.

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- Before lighting, the candle should be placed in a vertical position on a flat, horizontal and heat-resistant surface.
- Do not place the candle on polished, painted or varnished surfaces, on electrical equipment, or near or over heat sources.
- Do not place the candle near drafts.
- Before lighting the candle, cut the wick leaving at least a 1.5 cm. length.
- From the second lighting, cut slightly the wick, leaving a 1.5 cm length.
- Don’t burn on or near anything that can catch fire.
- Always put out the flame when leaving the room.
- To extinguish the candle use a candle accessory such as a snuffer or a candle extinguisher.

Fragrance Notes:Raspberry, Strawberry, Plum, Forest Fruits, Birch Wood, Concord Grape, Magnolia, Violet, Arancio