Gucci Face Makeup

Gucci Primer & Setting spray Makeup

Gucci’s primer and setting spray products will nourish your skin while giving a smooth finish to your makeup looks. Beautifully packaged in vintage-style cases, they elevate your vanity and beauty routine with luxury. Sérum De Beauté Fluide Soyeux Silk Priming Serum plumps your skin, visibly evens tone and creates a soft glow effect. What’s more, it is a non-sticky formula which is suitable for all skin types. The Universal Nourishing Balm is another high-performing product which caters to your various beauty needs. Its blend of butter, botanical oils and natural oils reduces dryness and soothes all areas. Carry it around everywhere you go for a quick fix to your skin’s needs. Finally, set your makeup with the Brume De Beauté Beauty Mist that shields your face from pollution and keeps you fresh for up to 48 hours. Scroll to discover our UAE range and click on each product to learn more.